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Super Hero Doughs

Super Hero Doughs

Spider man or Hulk Themed doughs

When ordering 10 or more discount can be added

Choose from a 130g or 250g pot

Pots are airtight and have a white, clear or metal lid.


Reviving your old dough is easy!

Salt crystals will appear as dough has such a high salt content but if you knead the dough they will disappear. If your dough is feeling a little dry just wet hands before kneading.

Dough contains a few drops of fragrance or essential oils that may cause skin irritation.

Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Dough has a high salt content and there for should not been ingested.

While the dough does not contain nuts it is made in a location where nuts are present. Although we do our best to not cross contaminate we can not 100% guarantee it won’t have traces of nuts.

Dough is UKCA tested and certified in a UK laboratory.

Please see FAQ on more information about this.

Colours may vary from the photos slightly due to each batch being hand made and phone screen lighting and computer monitors showing in a different way.

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