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Safety and CE Marking - European Conformity (Conformitè Europëenne)

Bee’ Busy Boxes are loose parts play sets intended for educational purposes and by their very nature some of the items are everyday functional household and natural items and as such will not have the CE mark.
The toy safety directive lists and exclusion from the CE marking requirements for “Products intended for use for educational purposes in schools and other pedagogical contexts under surveillance of an adult instructor”
These items are not considered to be toys within the meaning of the toy safety directive.
Other items are self certified to be able to attach the CE mark and go through all the proper tests to obtain this and fit regulations.

The dough however is tested in a UK laboratory and therefore has the CE/UKCA mark.

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we ship to anywhere in the UK.

Do you accept returns?

Of course!

If you are not completely happy with your purchase please contact us and we will do our best to assist you in anyway possible. 

How much are the boxes?

Mini Boxes are £8.50
Large Boxes are £24.99
Dough Mats are £7
We price our boxes to make them as affordable as possible for you!

How do I order Party Bags?

For availability, themes and options please email for all party bag orders.

What ages are the boxes suitable for?

The boxes are for ages 3+ due to having lots of small parts. There is no maximum age and we know the adults like to join in too!

Can I pre order a box?

Pre orders are currently only for popular holiday themes such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. 

What is in the dough?

Dough Ingredients:-
(Contains Wheat)
Plain flour, salt, aqua, essential oils, fragrance oils, food colouring, children’s powder paint, cream of tartar, olive oil, glycerol.

Reviving Old Dry Dough

Salt crystals will appear as play dough has such a high salt content, just kneed them back in and if it feels dry add a couple drops of oil or just wet your hands with water as many times as needed to get the moisture back into your dough. 
You will notice the salt crystals with the darker colours first.
By doing this the play dough can last upto 3 months depending on how much it’s played with etc.
Store in cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
If your play dough has become sticky it’s at the end of its life.

How do I stop the dough drying out?

Play dough must be stored in air tight sealed bag or container.
All dough arrives in pots!

Postage / Packaging and Delivery Times

Postage is £4 for second class - 7-10 working days 

£6 for first class which is 5-7 - working days 

We can post 3 mini boxes for a flat rate price of £4

Large boxes are £4 each due to the weight.

Collections are now available from TQ2 8QQ.

There is a first or second class option at the check out.

You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been dispatched. 

If you are collecting you will also receive and email to notify you that your order is ready and you can collect at a time and day that is convenient for you. 

Collections are currently no contact therefore will be placed in the Bee collection box for you to keep safe and dry. 

Do you sell the box contents separately?

This is something we are working on.

When will the box I want be back in stock?

For all current updates please follow the instagram and facbook pages.


Dough has a high salt content and there for should not been ingested. While the play dough does not contain nuts it is made in a location where nuts are present.
Although we do our best to not cross contaminate we can not 100% guarantee it won’t have traces of nuts.
Not recommended for shell fish allergies.
Not recommended for nut allergies.
Not recommended for someone with a wheat or gluten allergy.


Bee’s Busy Boxes are loose parts play boxes intended for teaching purposes with adult supervision required at all times. Children should never be left alone with the box.
Each box contains small pieces such as marbles, glass nuggets, craft items and natural items such as stones, shells and sticks.
Small parts:- please consider everything in these boxes a choking hazard and therefore are NOT recommended for children under 3 years old.
Dough contains fragrance and essential oils that may cause skin irritation.
Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Where is my order?

Second class parcels are 7-10 working days. First class is 5-7 working days.

This does not include bank holidays, Saturday or Sundays as working days.

If your parcel has not arrived by the 10 working days you can request the proof of postage receipt which will have a reference number on which you can type into the Royal Mail website to see if your parcel has been delivered or not.

If your parcel is showing up as delivered we can not except a request for a refund and you will have to contact the Royal Mail directly. Please check behind bins and places in your garden.

If the parcel has not been delivered and is lost then we will make a claim 15 working days after posting and refund you or replace your order if we are able to so.

We will wait 15 working days to give the parcel a chance to turn up or have updated information on the Royal Mail website. This is the same for first and second class parcels.